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My new favourite song of all time is officially ‘Tweed Jacket’ by Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers. I’m sure you saw right through my self-serving promotional opening statement. Yes, we sell some of the best tailored tweed suits ever but more importantly we are 100% right that they are the best. That statement will make sense if you just keep reading…

In all honesty, the song is a little bit of a satire but it does bring up some funny and some negative stereotypes about people who wear tweed jackets. Like all stereotypes they do have some truth to them but I am going to do my best to dispel the negative aspects of these stereotypes.

Here goes;

  • Only Professors and Older Gentlemen Wear Tweet Jackets:

This is an interesting stereotype because it seems to have stemmed from a Hollywood portrayal of how professors are supposed to look. In reality if you have spent any time in some of the finer establishments of higher education you will notice that professors come in all shapes, sizes, personalities and clothes. I am sure someone is going to point me to some University somewhere (Did I hear you say Oxford?) where all the professors wear tweed jackets.

In some way there is a compliment to this stereotype. If the smartest  and  wisest of people are wearing it then it must have a look that distinguishes a person. That can’t be too bad can it?

It is also worth mentioning that more ladies are choosing tweed skirts and jackets so it’s not just gentlemen who should look into tweed jackets.

  • Tweed Suits Are For Dr. Who Fans (aka Geeks):

Fine let’s get this out of the way. I am a Dr. Who fan. I am also a geek.  If there is anything wrong with that then I don’t want to be right.

Maybe a better stereotype busting point would be to mention celebrities like David Beckham and Sean Connery who have been known to wear tweed suits. I’m pretty sure they are not geeks. Point proven. I was going to use my mate Dave as an example but I don’t think he’s famous enough to convince you that you don’t need to be a geek to wear a tailored tweed suits.

Worth mentioning that the guys from Peaky Blinders were gangsters and they wore tweed suits. Next.

  • Tweed Jackets are for the Posh and Game Hunters:

There is a reason that posh people wore tweed jackets. Want to know what it is? Had a chance to guess? Tweed jackets are high quality jackets.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that make tweed jackets stand out.

  • A good tweed suit gives off an air of distinction. You instantly stand out with a good tailored tweed suit. The tweed suit has stood the test of time of what is considered stylish and refined. Originally popular in the early parts of the 20th century they have made a strong comeback recently with celebrities such as David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Rod Stewart, Sean Connery and Kanye West seen sporting them.So if you worried you would be wearing something that is not stylish think again.
  • Tweed Jackets provide warmth. While some of the more modern variations are streamlined you can get traditional tweed garments of years past which will provide enough warm without you having to also wear an overcoat.
  • Tweed jackets are very durable. Sure, you could buy cheaper alternatives. The problem with thinking in this way is that many times you end up spending more over the course of an extended period (let’s say 10 years). You could end up buying 4 suits over this period of 10 years or just 1 or 2 tweed suits which have been known to last over 20 years plus (depending on quality of course as well how well it is taken care of. Please don’t throw it in fire and blame me for it not being durable. At least I’ve heard that’s a bad idea). So once purchased you won’t have to buy another one for a while. Unless you want a new design of course.
  • Tweed Jackets are too expensive:

As with all things of high quality tailored tweed jackets are not the cheapest of items. They are however generally high value items.

As previously mentioned, tweed suits, jackets and clothing are known to be very durable. This means when you purchase one of good quality you are guaranteed to have a jacket you can wear time and time again.

  • Or those with a sense of self grandeur:

Every person I have come across wearing a tweed jacket has been extremely humble so this one is definitely false.

I think this one is simple really. I would bet that whatever kind of clothing you select will have some pompous, rude and arrogant people who wear it. Because a tailored suit jacket makes you look stylish and distinguished you will stand out for this behaviour.

A part of me also believes this may be a misconception that stems from the early 20th century where only those who were part of ‘higher society’ were likely to

  • Tweed Suits are out of date:

Again, just not true. More and more women are buying three piece suits for their husbands to be to wear on their wedding day. More celebrities have been seen wearing these in the last decade than any time before 1970. However they are still unique enough to make you stand out as a stylish person wherever you decide to wear it.

The above rant about posh and game hunters also applies in this case.

  • Those of us who wear Tweed jackets think we are antique experts:

I probably just made this one up. Still, it sounds like something someone once said so I think it is worth dispelling.

Wearing a well fitted tweed jacket will give you an air of authority which will lead to increased confidence.

Now that I think about it this one may be true. Buy a tweed jacket and get your antique expert certificate straight away.

At this point you are probably beginning to see a pattern.  Most of the negative stereotypes regarding tailored tweed suits have some kind of compliment attached. Because they were originally seen as a clothing item for those that were wealthy and part of the upper class there seems to be some negative stereotypes attached. The rest are just funny or made up by someone influential enough for it to catch on.

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