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‘You get what you pay for’ is never a more true statement than when purchasing THAT suit for your special occasion. Why would you settle for cheap ‘plastic’ tweed from the Far East on a suit most probably made by children (sad but true). Weddings are expensive and we understand that everybody has a budget but they are also THE most important day of your life (to date). Spending £100-£175 on a ‘tweed’ suit will get you exactly what you’d expect. A shinny polyester blend fabric made to a ‘mass produced’ quality. You simply can’t purchase quality wool and tailor a suit for that price. Our fabric alone costs us close to £200.

All of our suits are made with British wool. We are extremely proud of that fact. Each suit is individually hand made and finished to a standard that you would expect from a suit costing ££££’s of pounds. Just check out the finer details and you’ll clearly see what we mean. Look closely at the cut of the button hole and the button hole stitching within it for example. They are clean, sharp and beautifully finished. Just one of many examples that ‘you get what you pay for.’

Purchase online from Victor Valentine with the confidence that we specialise in tailoring high quality suits. Alternatively, come visit us at our showroom where we’d be delighted to show you up close and personal the quality of our suits and run through the many cloth and options that will make your suit truly one of a kind.

There is something about the look of a man in a tweed suit. If you wear tweed you instantly become an ‘English Gentleman’. Make it a 3 piece & you could very well be a Lord. This classic look is making a strong return to form. Over the last few years it has gradually increased in mainstream popularity. The vintage look of tweed has now been merged with a modern sizing and fit to create a rather special look. → Read more


The hugely versatile chino has enjoyed a welcome return to fashion over the last few years.  Any modern man worth his salt has a few pairs of slim fit Chino’s in his everyday wardrobe. They are suitable for any occasion, day or night. Bright bold colours or military pallets both work. They can be worn with or without turn-ups & with shoes or trainers. The chino is back to stay. → Read more


The vision of a man wearing a suit would mean he must be a working man during his working week. This shouldn’t always be the case though. Take our lovable ‘old guard’. How many times do you see an old gentleman walking arm in arm with his wife, wearing trousers, blazer & tie. How lovely is that look? They are probably just heading to the shops to pick up dinner but it’s been done in full attire! → Read more